Camp Canva: Full Session

Camp Canva: Full Session

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DATE: Tuesday, June 18th - Thursday July 25th (make up week July 30-Aug 1)
TIMES: 10am
DURATION: 60-75 Minutes each

Recordings available within 24 hours of class

Welcome to CAMP CANVA, the ultimate 8-session (plus BONUS session) adventure designed to elevate your creative skills and transform your design abilities! Whether you're a novice or an intermediate user, this course is tailored to help you master Canva and create stunning visuals for any purpose.  Recordings available 24 hours after each live class.

    • Tuesday, June 18th - 10am 
      • Session 1: From Basics to Intermediate - Mastering Canva Start your journey by getting to grips with the fundamentals and advance to intermediate techniques. You'll become proficient in using Canva to its fullest potential.
    • Thursday, June 20th - 10am
      • Session 2: Mastering Typography, Fonts, and Layout Learn the art of typography and how to choose the right fonts and layouts to make your designs stand out. This week will sharpen your eye for detail and improve your design aesthetic.
    • Tuesday, July 2nd, 10am
      • Session 3: How to Use Branding Kits Discover how to create and utilize branding kits to maintain consistency across all your designs. This class will ensure your brand identity is cohesive and professional.
    • Tuesday, July 9th - 10am
      • Session 4: Creating Effective Digital and Print Advertising Unlock the secrets to designing compelling digital and print advertisements that capture attention and drive engagement.
    • Thursday, July 11th - 10am 
      • Session 5: Creating Engaging Reels Dive into the world of video content by learning how to create captivating reels that tell your story and connect with your audience.
    • Tuesday, July 16th - 10am
      • Session 6: Mastering the AI Tools in Canva Unlock the full potential of Canva using AI tools to enhance your design projects to create stunning visuals effortlessly.
    • Thursday, July 18th - 10am 
      • Session 7: Creating a Professional PR and Media Kit As a special bonus, learn how to put together a professional PR and media kit that will help you get noticed by the media and influencers
    • Tuesday, July 23rd - 10am 
      • Session 8 Easy to Design Websites and Landing Pages Bring your web design ideas to life by creating beautiful websites and landing pages that leave a lasting impression.
    • Thursday, July 25th - 10am 
      • BONUS: Designing Shopify and Wholesale Product Graphics Equip yourself with the skills to design product graphics for Shopify and wholesale platforms, enhancing your product presentations and driving sales.

Join us at Camp Canva and embark on an unforgettable creative journey that will leave you with a treasure trove of design skills and a portfolio full of impressive projects. Get ready to explore, create, and conquer the world of design!