Camp Canva: Session 4: Creating Engaging Reels

Camp Canva: Session 4: Creating Engaging Reels

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DATE: Tuesday, July 9th at 10am
DURATION: 60-75 Minutes

Recordings available within 24 hours of class

Learn how to create eye-catching and engaging Reels with Canva in our step-by-step course. This course is designed to help you master the art of short-form video content, perfect for boosting your social media presence and connecting with your audience. Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Introduction to Canva for Reels

2. Designing Reels from Templates

3. Adding Animations and Effects

4. Incorporating Music and Audio

5. Exporting and Sharing Your Reels

By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the skills to create professional, engaging Reels using Canva, ready to captivate your audience and boost your social media engagement. Join us and start creating Reels that stand out!